Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a Beautiful Mess

Lately I have been conspiring to set up a surveillance camera in my home.  It would be so amazing to watch a week’s worth of footage in time lapse. 

We could start out on one of those PMS induced house rages, when in moments everything gets sorted and cleaned and put away.  It would fast forward through supper time with food flying into our mouths and dishes tossed in the sink or left on the table to crustify.  Then the evening lounging would flash by, where shoes are flung from tired feet, wet towels from the bedtime bath are draped over chairs or door knobs.  Dirty duds are littered across the floor.  Then the night lull…an occasional zombie mom would sleep walk past the camera to let out the desperate dog or rescue an unhappy kid.

And then the beginning of a new day… dishes in their circular whirl from cupboard to table to sink to dishwasher and back to cupboard again; laundry bouncing into washer, dryer, and baskets, folded and unfolded again and again.  Toys and stuff floating back and forth like waves across the beach. Clean and dirty…well clean for a second, dirty for most, but I could always push pause on the clean moments…

 It might even be as entertaining as watching the big storms brewing on the weather channel. Hey maybe we could even start a network!!!


  1. Too funny Holly. I would not want to watch the video if it was the moment I decided a chip or two never hurt anybody!

  2. Love this, Holly! I've considered surveillance video to find out what my dog is really doing when I'm not home, but never to watch the activity when we are here. I think I'd been traumatized by the amount of time I end up wasting!