Friday, February 18, 2011

descriptive movies for the blind

Much to someones delight...

and to the credit of one awesome big sister with incredible Netflix management skills, Toy Story 3
has been monopolising available spins in our DVD player.

This morning when I started it up, I noticed a language selection menu.  There was of course good ol' English, Spanish and French, but another choice caught my eye....English descriptive version.

Nine months ago, I would have zipped through the language selection, hit the play button and let the techno nanny manage the little one while I delved into my to do list. 

But today I had a sweet cooing someone to give me good reason to take note.  So I picked the descriptive version.

It was amazing to me that someone had taken the time to describe every non-verbal action that crossed the screen.  It was like hearing the storybook version, both poetic and enlightening.  Captivating my mind in such a way that I could hardly believe my ears.

Toy Story 3.
  Narrated in a way that my sprout of a couch potato could carry on with a family tradition. 


There has been a big part of my mind and heart worrying about whether Elsa's visual impairments would prevent her from getting all of the education she would need. I feared that I might miss out on giving her every boost for success, hardly even considering how she might be simply amused.

So upon seeing something so well thought out, casually presented, and easily accessed to give her great entertainment, I was sort of stunned.  There are really people doing all they can do so that my little chicky babe can even sit back and enjoy the show. 


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  1. Wow! I had no idea there was that option! Great to know! It's kind of crazy everything there is available now for everyone who has needs of different kinds.
    It's an amazing and wonderful kind of crazy!