Friday, February 11, 2011

pyros, sunflowers, and the likes.

This is a definite A*D*D* blog which seems to represent how my thoughts have been all day.  So hey lets just roll with it.....

Please say goodbye to the  yellow living room.  I cannot stand the sunny glow any longer. 
It once was bright and cheery, like a golden sunflower.
Somehow within the past few months it has gone from happy to horrendous. 

The golden has begun gagging. 

The sunflower morphed into an obnoxious mustard stain.

 So, here is my inspiration for the redo.
I love this floral fabric. I think I will paint the walls grey and a few pieces of furniture the fancy shiny red.

I have already started the changes.  Covering pillowcases and moving out the junk heap sewing corner to better manage the toy overflow.

Eventually it will go from this:

To This:


Easy as that.
Too bad I don't have an edit button
on my walls.
oooh scary thought.

In other random news...

Milo is still being gracious with the camera obsession. 

 Big Larry has been spoiling us with many deeeeeelicious dutch oven and grilled meals.

And luckily,Josi's teacher turned the science fair experiments from required
to extra credit.  

Because our method of dumping an entire bottle of lighter fluid on one tile and a bunch of gas on the other in order to find out how fast ceiling tiles would burn if painted, proved 100% that 

We are not gifted in the pyromaniac department.

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  1. Lots of good stuff going on around there!
    It's so nice to freshen up with a new paint job. Can't wait to see pics!