Monday, February 21, 2011

Junk Mitosis

Would the person responsible for all of the crap in my basement please step forward…

Hello?  Anyone?

Ok if no one is responsible...
my theory about junk mitosis must be correct.

You see, only two years ago, I took all of the rubble from many moves and much collecting and had a garage sale.  On the block was everything that was not tied down.  I even tried to sell that scraggly box of nuts, bolts, screws and nails.  Everything that did not sell was donated. 

Basement Bliss!

Fast forward to this week.

While rummaging through some books downstairs, Larry made a horrible discovery. 
The box of scrapbooks that sat on the floor had a big crack in it and sometime last summer suffered from water damage. 
Moldy scrapbooks. 
Some of the victims were the world travels of Larry’s Navy days, my childhood memories and some of our wedding pictures. 

I wanted to throw up.
Instead I began another basement purge.

And so started my theory…  All of the junk that disappeared a few short seasons ago had spontaneously reproduced.

  • A Christmas tree (plus 2 little ones)…along with some great decorations
  • Enough clothes to open a thrift store…all sizes available

  • 4 hand-me-down ride on toys and a plastic kitchen

  • A box of dried out squash from the garden that we never ate

  • Empty shoe boxes…I will retain an ounce of dignity and not mention any numbers but lets just say I might have a problem

Where did it come from?
No dump truck backed beeping up to my doorstep.
 No Supermarket Sweep winnings (remember that show?) 
No donations brought in for my orphan children.

I guess if it did not reproduce itself, it must have gotten down there one hurried chuck from the top of the stairs at a time.


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