Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mama paparazzi pause

You might remember a few weeks ago, my camera bit the big one and I ordered a fancy pantsy bigger n better with all the bells and whistles?? 

It came....and went.

When it arrived, I loved the beauty of the pictures.  They were so crisp and clear. 

 But I didn't get a zoom lense, so I was right up in everybody's face...and there was no video so I missed some of my live action movie making.

For a few days I felt like a professional photographer.  (You know sometimes my imagination gets a little extreme)  But then I did something a little too enthusiastic I guess and the autofocus lense stopped working. 

Ok I bumped it. 

But good ol' Wally World is so forgiving and since it was under 30 days they refunded my $$$$$.  I have spent the last week or so trying to decide if I keep up the Photojournalist gig, or revert humbly to the mother documentary.

In the end, I decided to go back to the Canon Powershot. I did love it.  It wasn't as huge as the big Rebel, nor did it take extreme caution to pack along.  It's images are WAY better than my crappy cell phone which I have been using...and my little missy is doing all kinds of cute and crazy things that need recorded for sure.

So now for just a few days...repreave for the people in my life from the mama paparazzi, but then...

look out.

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  1. :) Canon powershot did me wonderfully for years!! Love that camera. You can get just as nice pictures with that as the rebel....I think. And I'm a rebel user now. :)