Friday, February 11, 2011

it is so trivial

The snow days last week gave us a great chance to bust out the new trivial pursuit game that Levi got for Christmas. 

 Have you played this new version?  It may not be that new but I hadn't played it for 20 years.

(oooh I feel really old using the
"20 years ago" benchmark without exaggerating)

Anyways, it has this new betting aspect of the game.  You can take your chances about whether someone will answer the questions
right or wrong.
Then when you win enough tokens, you can buy the little pie pieces. 

Our family played a few times over Christmas break and had a blast.  I thought I had really gotten smarter because I did
pretty well. 
(I tried betting a whole game optimistically and then switched to a pessimist for the next one)

Fast forward to the snow day.  Josi and I are usually the only ones up for a board game.  So we set up Trivial Pursuit.  It is a beautiful board and looks way more exciting than the old stuffy one.

  Since there was just the two of us, we set aside the betting and just answered the questions.

Turns out I haven't really learned anything in 20 years and I was only doing well before because of my awesome gambling techniques.


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  1. LOL. That's how Pat wins all the games at our house. Lots of strategy and bluffing. : )