Monday, February 28, 2011

a dog blog

Dear Max,
It's been a few years now since you showed up at our door, stealing the hearts of my babies within seconds. 
Those first few days we wondered where you had come from and if we would have to give you back and since we decided that you could be part of our family, you have been more loyal than anyone could ever ask. 
Thanks for giving Milo rides on your back, for letting him yank on your ears without so much as a growl. 
Thanks for meeting Levi and Josi every time they hop off of the bus, as if they are heroes returning from a grand adventure. 
Thanks for accompanying me on my walks even if you roll in the mud before we load up again. 
Thanks for slobbery kisses that make
baby Elsa smile.
And thanks for holding down the living room rug on cold nights, your snores rumbling through the darkness.
You're a good dog, Max.  A good dog.

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