Monday, February 14, 2011

only a few sugar crashes.

6:00 am- Sneek heart stickers on  unsuspecting snoozers

6:15-Blow up package of red balloons
to litter house

6:20-Snicker at heart covered
sleepy zombie teens
(please note pictures were not available, as mother feared for life)

6:30-Smile at baby with balloons

6:45 Serve Pink (and Black) pancake hearts

7:00-Offer massive amounts of
sugary candy to 3 year old

10:00-Play with new Valentine toys

10:30-Create Playdoh sharks, boat, men

10:45-Witness sugar crash over a playdoh man without a horse

11:00-Cuss popped balloons, wrapping paper mess, and playdoh sock crusties

11:05-Eat the rest of the candy and experience personal sugar crash

11:45 Answer "Is it still Thanksgiving?"
with "yes Valentine's Day is all day long!"

12:00-Swoon at an amazing man at my door with roses....

all in all,
a Happy Valentine's day!! 

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