Wednesday, February 9, 2011

whirl winded....

I keep thinking...after this week, things will definitely slow down 
but before I know it my calendar is chocked full of life's adventures.

Today was another one of those CRAZY busy days!

First a fun fun fun painting job.
Seriously, when I am in the process of taping and adding the beautiful colors, and turning something from plain to spectacular, it is more like therapy than work. 

This was for a chubby cheeked munchkin just waiting for some big boy john deere stripes. 

(I will put up pics when it's done)

Then home for one second and off to the sporting caravan. 

no i don't snap n drive...this was taken on last week's adventure oh wait the marathon part was just me running.

But  the in-between time afforded me to stop in for a much needed visit with my buddy Corrina and a tour of her beautiful bathroom and a chance to hang out at the coffee shop.

deep breath...close your eyes and think of a happy place!

Back home
to an Elsa led piano jam,


french dips,


a rodeo complete with mini buffalo and moose,


car racing on the good old xbox,


and a couple of stories read by Big Larry.

And booo hoooo baby went from bassinet to crib tonight.
             (that's me crying) 

I know she is 8 months, but her sweet tiny self and her lag in mobility has it's perks...she is staying my baby for just a bit longer!

So now all is still in our cracker box!

Do you ever have that feeling of the calm after the storm???


  1. Oh the big move! :( I couldn't handle it...thats why I now sleep with two toddlers in my bed. :)
    I hope things slow down for you!

  2. Thanks Jenn! Of course she ended up back in bed with us along with the big brother. Sometimes I feel like the midnight baby juggler. :o)